Site Ox is announcing the release of it's automated Cloud Orchestration engine for Unix/Linux systems, as a cloud-based service called Site Ox Virtual Management (SOVM).  This new service automatically orchestrates the deployment Unix/Linux/Other systems, over the cloud, and into a customer's data center.

Site Ox, a leader in the industry of data center automation tools for Unix based systems, has packaged their SOVM automated cloud orchestration engine into a new cloud-based service offering, running as a vAppliance (virtual appliance) called SOVM.

The SOVM vAppliance is a virtual appliance that orchestrates the Self-Service, On-Demand, Cloud-Based, Automated Deployment services for Unix, Linux, and other Operating Systems. It provides customers with the self-service ability for non-technical users to automatically deploy new Unix/Linux/Other systems in a dramatically reduced time-frame, and without the need for expensive system/network/SAN administration personnel resources. The time required to deploy a new Unix system is reduced from days or weeks, to minutes.  The personnel resources required to deploy a new Unix system is reduced from a system, network and SAN administrator, to none.

Site Ox Virtual Management (SOVM) - Executive Summary

The SOVM vAppliance grew out of decades of experience with managing large world-wide data center environments.  One of the benefits of this history is that it provides Site Ox customers with features normally only associated with large commercial hosting environments, such as:

  • Automated deployment of AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux
  • Self-Service On-Demand Cloud-Based virtual appliance
  • Interface is oriented for usage by non-technical personnel
  • Utilizes the customers existing infrastructure and tools
  • Co-exists with (enhancement to) customers current Unix/Linux environments
  • Automated tuning of operating systems
  • Auto deployed systems can be time limited for project or lab environments
  • Auto deployed systems can be archived and restored
  • Resources from time limited systems are automatically reclaimed

Customers utilize the SOVM vAppliance, as a remote virtual appliance that communicates with the customers equipment to automatically configure the virtualization environments, and deploy a Unix operating system.  The customer selects an Operating system, OS version, number of CPUs, amount of memory, and amount of storage they want a Unix system to have, then they submit that request to the SOVM vAppliance.  The vAppliance then communicates with the customers existing equipment to allocate the desired resources and deploy the desired operating system.  Once the deployment is completed the vAppliance notifies the customer of the completed deployment and provides them with the connection information to login to the new system.

An SOVM Virtual System Creation Demo Video is available at:

Since the SOVM vAppliance utilizes the customers existing infrastructure and platforms, the customers current system administrators are able to oversee and monitor the automatically deployed systems the same as they would a manually deployed system, if so desired.

The SOVM vAppliance is unique in the marketplace today because it is oriented to the non-technical user and it is a remote virtual appliance. All other products are oriented around teams of highly technical administrators, and they require installation, maintenance, and support by these same highly technical administrators.  The SOVM vAppliance is remotely hosted, does not require any technical administration, and is able to build out highly complicated Unix systems in a matter of  minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Also, no other product in the world provides this cross-platform automated deployment capability.  Other products are designed to support a specific Unix OS such as AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, or Linux.  SOVM vAppliance provides automated deployment for all major Unix Systems on a wide range of hardware platforms including PowerPC, PA-RISC, Itanium, Sparc, and Intel.

Additionally, no other product in the world provides the customer with a commercial hosting environment capability to place time limits on systems for leasing, projects, labs, etc.

Site Ox is focused specifically on commercial hosting of Unix based systems.  They have developed and utilized this automated data center management mentality in their data centers since it's inception.  The SOVM vAppliance is the packaging of the self-service cloud-based automated management techniques in use by Site Ox today. This service is a natural extension of the processes and procedures Site Ox utilizes every minute of every day in their commercial hosting environment.

The purpose of this product launch is to inform the Unix community that an automated deployment solution exists that can reduce  the workload of your system, network, and SAN administrators.  This service has the effect of redirecting the time consuming and repetitive tasks of manual Unix deployment from the team of administrators, to a self-service cloud-based automated deployment service that can be utilized by non-technical personnel to deploy their own systems, when they need them and on-demand.

About Site Ox: We provide state-of-the-art next generation data center facilities with a simplified non-technical approach to colocation, data center outsourcing, consolidation, automation, and business continuity services. Capitalizing on decades of business and technical experience, we provide design, implementation, support, and maintenance assistance for all aspects of information systems needs and requirements. The founders and architects of Site Ox developed and implemented policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures in use today by many of the world's largest and most profitable organizations.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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