Site Ox is now offering the CentOS 7 Linux Cloud Image on Intel Platforms in the Commercial Public Cloud at Site Ox.

VIDEO: How to Automatically Deploy a CentOS Linux VM from your Mobile Device

Site Ox ( ) is announcing that it is now offering the Linux CentOS 7 Cloud image in the commercial public cloud at Site Ox, and it is typically deployed in about 10 minutes thru the Site Ox SOVM automated deployment environment.

Click Here to Deploy the CentOS 7 Cloud Image

Site Ox is a cloud services provider focusing on non-intel based environments such as CentOS 7 Linux on IBM Power LE and Intel, AIX on IBM Power, Solaris on SPARC, serveral other Linux distros on IBM Power LE, HPUX on Itanium, and others.

Information about the Site Ox flagship product SOVM (Site Ox Virtualization Management) can be obtained at

The primary business focus of Site Ox is providing cloud based services for the commercial cloud hosting industry. Historically, Site Ox has long been oriented around Unix and Linux hosting which included IBM AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and others.

Site Ox ( )

Monday, January 25, 2016

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