The web site hosting company Site Ox, has selected RVSiteBuilder as  the best-in-class web site building software and offers this tool to their customers.

Site Ox, the  web site hosting services company, announced today they have selected RVSiteBuilder as the best-in-class web site building software and will offer this tool to their customers at no cost.  Site Ox focuses on providing a simplified web site building approach to their customers, and their selection of RVSiteBuilder is recognition that this software will help Site Ox fulfill this focus.  Site Ox attempts to bridge the gap between technical experts and customers who may be non-technical.  As part of this bridge, the selection of best-in-class software for their customers is a strategic part of their business plan. The selection of best-in-class software by Site Ox eliminates the effort and expense that would otherwise be a customer's responsibility to identify, evaluate, and implement these software packages.

Furthermore, the automation and integration provided by the best-in-class tools selected by Site Ox, greatly reduces the development and deployment time/expense associated with building a new web site. The value-added expertise provided by Site Ox through the selection of customer tools, makes this company one of the top web site hosting providers in the world today.  The stated mission of Site Ox Web Site Hosting services is to provide a simple and easy to use interface for persons of any level of technical ability.

RVSiteBuilder is a template based software package that provides numerous features and functions to automate and simplify the web site building experience.  The features of this software include templates, multi-lingual support, advanced WYSIWYG editor, full integration with cPanel, photo albums, blogs, newsletters, advertising, and many more.

Monday, November 24, 2008

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