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Regulatory Compliance and Legacy Systems

Do you have legacy systems you need to keep on-line to fulfill regulatory compliance requirements?

Would you like to get them out of your data center and remove them from your list of responsibilities?

Move your legacy systems providing regulatory compliance services into a Site Ox data center and get them off your responsibilities list. They will be safe, secure, on-line. And the best part is: they will be out of your data center and off your list of responsibilities for support, maintenance, and training.

Even if your regulatory compliance servers are vendor supported; get them out of your data center and move them into a Site Ox data center, so that you no longer have to deal with vendor issues, access, upgrades, etc.

Site Ox provides leasing/hosting/support for:

Contact us to host your regulatory compliance and legacy environments in a Site Ox data center.

We welcome short-term leases as well as long-term. You won't find this anywhere else!

Site Ox has decades of system administration, data center and and systems management experience. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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