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Archiving fees and policies

Site Ox offers an archiving service for your LPARs and/or VMs. This service is USD $25.00/month and will hold the storage resources for the customer so the resources can be restored and reused at a later date/time.

This service allows a customer to lease a system for a few days/weeks/months and then save their work so that it can be restored without having to rebuild the system and reload their work and customized configuration on that system. This archiving service saves time, money, and effort when the customer only needs occasional use of their leased system, such as for software development hosting and periodic updates.

For example, if a customer leases an AIX LPAR for two weeks, and they upload their development software, tools, compilers to that leased system, then they want to save that work, they can archive that system until they want to issue an upgrade of their development software again. There is no limit as to how long a system can be archived.

NOTE: The $25 fee is charged each time a system is archived.  So, if a customer leases a system for a week, then archives that system, they are charged a $25 fee that reoccurs on a monthly basis. Then if a few days later, the customer restores their archived system to perform some additional work, the customer will be required to select the amount of time they wish to re-lease the system and they will have the option to modify the CPU and Memory resources associated with their system.

There is no specific charge for the "Restore" procedure, but the customer will be charged according to the amount of time and resources they select, to re-lease the system.

When the customer archives the system again, they will be charged the full $25 archive fee. The archive fee is not pro-rated and is charged in full each time a system is archived.

ADDITIONAL STORAGE: The $25 fee includes archiving for a server with 50 GB or 100 GB of storage.  So, if a customer purchases extended storage, they are charged an additional $25 per month, per 100 GB of additional storage added to the system.  (For example:  If a customer purchases a server with 50 GB or 100 GB of storage, then adds an additional 200 GB of storage, they will be charged $25 for the system with 50 GB or 100 GB, plus $50 per month for the additional 200 GB of storage.)

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