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HPUX Cloud Hosting

HPUX in the Cloud
Cloud Based, Self-Service, On-Demand
No contracts or long term commitments

Click here to order HPUX in the Cloud

Daily / Weekly / Monthly HPUX VM Leasing
The PERFECT short term environment for Software Development, Testing, Training, or DR on HPUX

A new custom built HPVM will be automatically deployed and loaded with your choice of
  • HPUX Operating System version (11.31 or 11.23)
  • Number of CPUs
  • GB Memory
  • GB Storage

You will be provided with "root" login to the HPVM, with access thru a firewall via SSH or Putty. Then upload your development tools to fit the HPVM to your specific needs.
Your HPVM will be Automatically and Dynamically deployed in minutes!

Starting at $20.00 per day

An explanation of lease periods, lease renewal, and lease termination is available in the knowledge base article: Automated Deployment for HPUX

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