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Network Ports


When leasing systems from Site Ox, the default connection mechanism is using SSH to connect to your system through the firewall via a unique port number assigned to your system.  When your system is built, you will receive your connection information which contains a unique port number that can be used with SSH or putty to connect.  The port number is typically a 4 or 5 digit number.  For example if your unique port number was 99922, then using SSH you can connect to your system using the following SSH command:

ssh -p 99922 username@domain.com

The limitation associated with this mechanism of using a unique firewall port assigned to each system, is that common ports such as 80 (http) or 443 (https) are not functional since only one firewall port can be numbered "80" or "443".  If your system access is configured using unique firewall ports, and you need the http port opened, then a unique firewall port must be created that points to port 80 on your system. So in the example system with SSH port 99922, an additional port numbered 99980 would be opened that points to port 80 on your system.  This means that to get to the web server on your system, you would need to point your browser to the unique firewall port number 99980:


Similar logic applies to mapping each port needed by the customer on their system for access thru the firewall.


If assigning unique firewall ports is insufficient for the customers needs, Site Ox can provide a public IP address that is unique to each system.  Ports must still be mapped across the firewall, but can retain the well known port numbers from the public or private networks.  Therefore the http port 80 (or any other port)  is available to the public network.  Public IP addresses are available for monthly leases at an additional charge.

Site-to-Site VPN Network

Site Ox also offers site-to-site virtual private networks (VPN) for monthly reoccuring leases.  This removes the firewall limitations and allows the customer to access the systems at Site Ox over a private network using any ports the customer may need. VPN access is an additional monthly charge to the customer.

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