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Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, for small businesses, the financial burden of supporting a disaster recovery environment has, in the past, not been feasible. This is because a basic principle of Disaster Recovery is that data centers are geographically separated to insure that if an incident disables one data center, other data center(s) can take over the load. This means that High Availability is not enough, Disaster Recovery requires multiple systems in multiple locations.

However through the use of Site Ox data centers, the costs associated with supporting a Disaster Recovery environment can be dramatically reduced, thus enabling small businesses to provide the protection they need.

Site Ox mission, goals, and plan associated with providing small business data center environments:

  • Provide affordable data center floor space for small and medium size businesses.
  • Customer owns all computing equipment, networking equipment, cabling, racks, power backup, network connections, and telephone communications they require to support their off-site IT environment.
  • Customer can provision their off-site data center at Site Ox with any equipment they wish: new, used, vendor supported, or even equipment and operating systems that are no longer supported by the vendor.
  • Site Ox uses small inexpensive strip mall store fronts as data centers to reduce costs to small business customers.
  • We provide securable cubes to each customer with 220 and/or 110 VAC power, environmental control, and access to communications and networking.
  • Data center floor space rates are based on monthly cube rental.
  • Power is metered to each cube and billed according to actual usage, no fees or surcharges are ever applied.
  • Internet connection and telecommunications are billed directly to customer in the customers name, thereby avoiding any processing charges, service fees, handling fees, or surcharge.
  • Site Ox data centers are "lights out" facilities to reduce costs to customer.

Please contact us to host your Disaster Recovery environment in our data centers.

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