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IBM AS/400, i5/OS, System i Hosting

Are your IBM AS/400, i5/OS, or System i platforms costing you too much to support and maintain?

Do you need a short term AS/400, i5/OS, or System i test/development environment?

Move your production, test, and development environments running in IBM AS/400, i5/OS, or System i to one of our data centers, and save the expenses and costs associated with facilities, hardware, software, communications, and personnel supporting these environments.

Site Ox provides leasing/hosting/support for:

Contact us to host these environments for you in one of our data centers. Lease your Logical Partitions (LPARs) on an individual basis, or lease an entire frame and we will partition the frame for you. We also provide remote Hardware Management Console (HMC) access to your administrators so they can modify these environments on an as needed basis. We will provide AIX, HACMP, DB2, TSM, Tivoli and any other system or software tools you require.

We welcome short-term leases as well as long-term. You won't find this anywhere else!

Site Ox has decades of system administration, data center and and systems management experience. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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