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Multi-Version AIX Development Systems


AIX Development system providing Multiple AIX versions

AIX 4.3.3 - AIX 5.1 - AIX 5.2 - AIX 5.3 - AIX 6.1 - AIX 7.1


This system allows you to select and change the AIX operating system so that you can perform your application development project under one or more AIX versions.

Lease this Multi-Version AIX Development System

We provide you with an AIX development system with multiple versions of AIX loaded on multiple bootable disks. This allows you to select and change the AIX version so you can test your project under multiple AIX versions all on a single system. The application development storage area is shared between all AIX versions.

  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 7.1 - hdisk0
  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 6.1 - hdisk1
  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 5.3 - hdisk2
  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 5.2 - hdisk3
  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 5.1 - hdisk4
  • Volume group: rootvg - AIX 4.3.3 - hdisk5
  • Volume Group: shradso401vg - Shared application development storage - hdisk6+

Lease this Multi-Version AIX Development System or Contact us for more information about leasing this Multi-Version AIX Development System environment in one of our data centers.


We welcome short-term leases as well as long-term. (You won't find this anywhere else!)


Site Ox has decades of system administration, data center and and systems management experience. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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