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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Site Ox is a data center services provider focusing on small to medium sized business customers. We have oriented our business model around being the low cost provider of colocation, server hosting, and web site hosting. This low cost business model requires that Site Ox provide only the most basic of services which include the following:

  • Tier 1 data center environment.
  • Dual power supplies, battery backup, but no diesel generator.
  • Redundant air conditioning systems.
  • No raised floors.
  • Low cost retail space utilized as data center.
  • Lights-out facility, no full time staff.
  • Data center access is by appointment only.
  • No Service Level Agreements.
  • No application or data backups, this is the customer's responsibility.
  • All software licensing is the responsibility of the customer.

For the purpose of maintaining a business continuity environment in the Site Ox Data Centers, we utilize a work management and ticketing system to schedule all changes requested by customers. Since each customer has different requirements regarding the availability of systems, a single change management policy applicable to all customers is not possible. As a result, Site Ox works with each customer on an individual basis to perform changes to their systems.

In the event of a disaster that causes a complete data center outage, Site Ox will acquire new facilities and systems at the time of the event, and rebuild the systems based on criticality. Site Ox will take Operating System backups of each system, but it is the customers responsibility to take application and data backups. Once the operating systems are restored after a disaster event, it is the customer's responsibility to restore their applications and data.

The expected time required to complete a disaster recovery implementation under the Site Ox business model is one month from the time of the disaster. The shortest time period expected to restore any single system is one week. This would include the time that is required to lease a new facility, acquire systems and support peripherals, restore the operating system, and notify the customer.

For partial data center outages, the cause of the outage will be assessed and systems will be moved or rebuilt. A partial data center outage will require individual assessment and an action plan created to restore service at the time of the event. All possible causes for a partial data center outage cannot be anticipated, therefore they must be acted upon individually as they occur.

Certain partial data center outage can be anticipated, such as the following:

  • Power supply failure.
  • System or component failures.
  • Network failure.

The anticipated outages can be mitigated by having spare components on-site at each data center for replacement as necessary. Site Ox maintains a small inventory of spare components to accommodate these types of outages.

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