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Demo VM (One Time - Short Term)
Daily / Weekly Demo LPAR or VM Lease

The PERFECT short term software development environment on Demo OS

A new custom built LPAR or VM will be automatically deployed and loaded with your choice of:
Demo Operating System version (1.0, 2.0 or 3.0)
Number of CPUs
GB Memory
GB Storage

You will be provided with "root" login to the VM, with access thru a firewall via SSH or Putty. Then upload your development tools to fit the VM to your specific needs.

Your VM will be Automatically and Dynamically deployed!

An explanation of lease periods, lease renewal, and lease termination is available in the knowledge base article:
Automated Deployment

Use promotion code "sovmdemo" at checkout. You are allowed one demo with this promotion code. If you need additional demos, please contact us.

This product is for demonstration purposes only. An actual VM will not be deployed.

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